Petter Hakanson Marine

Professional boats for professional users

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Our services

We offer services as:

  •  Arrangement drawing/design
  • 3D rendering
  • Hull design
  • Weight calculations
  • Specifications
  • Stability calculations
  • Purchasing assistance
  • Control of delivery

We address ourselves to yards, public authorities and private customers.  

Many boatyards have good ideas about new boats but limited resources to develop them. We listen to the ideas and help out to visualize them and convert them into completed projects.

Authorities buy boats expected to meet a specific need. Inaccurate requirements could lead to boats not fulfilling the expectations. Or they just get more expensive than necessary.  We help the authority to specify the requirements in order to buy the optimum boat. 

Private customers have often great ideas about their dream boat. We help in discussing the requirements and design and visualize the boat.

Let us show what we can do for you.